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The EKC is composed of the following major English Karate organisations  

The Federation of English Karate Organisations


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Karate England


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The Amateur Martial Association


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The Karate Union of Great Britain


Contact: www.kugb.org/contact-us.php

“Governing Karate in England”

The English Karate Council (EKC) believes it is making excellent progress in its bid to become the recognised National Governing Body for Karate in England.

The EKC has worked with Oaks Consultancy to undertake a comprehensive governance and development planning project. Through this process the EKC was able to examine and improve all aspects of its operations, ensuring that it is well placed to become an effective and sustainable NGB.   

This work was funded by a Sport England grant and, on 24th June, the EKC met with Sport England as required to present their achievements to date. In summary these are as follows:


* To reflect best practice, the EKC reviewed and strengthened its current constitution ensuring it can effectively support all aspects of the sport and provide the correct levels of governance.

* To create an effective governance link with its members, the EKC established and implemented a funding/membership relationship.

* To underpin its new constitution and facilitate consistent best practice, the EKC has reviewed and unified the policies and procedures required to effectively govern the sport; for example, child protection, anti-doping.


* To guide the future growth of the sport within England, the EKC has produced a comprehensive development plan for the period 2014 – 2018. This plan identifies targeted actions across a range of topic areas, for example recruitment and participation, retention, talent development, workforce development, business development and marketing and communication.

 The finalised plan will be published on the EKC website during July 2014.

Project outcomes

Through this project the EKC has:

* Established a well-structured and unified governing body for Karate in England.

* Created a fresh confidence and excitement within the sport.

* Built a robust platform for the delivery of good governance within the sport.

* Developed a clear and achievable strategic direction for the development of the sport of karate within England.

* Created an appealing and highly credible framework for the recruitment and inclusion of new Karate organisations and individual members.

*  Booked a venue for the 17th May 2015 for an inclusive EKC Championships

Sport England acknowledged the progress made by the EKC in their efforts to create a unified governing body for Karate within England.

Next steps

The EKC will continue in its efforts to improve its unified governance of the sport and to implement the many exciting interventions included within its 2014-2018 development plan.      

EKC Development Plan

The importance of a development plan cannot be underestimated.  EKC has worked very hard to identify areas for development which will benefit English Karate.  This plan can be downloaded by clicking on this line  or by clicking the picture

Welcome to the English Karate Council web site.

The English Karate Council was established on 24 January 2012 following several exploratory meetings between major karate organisations and the Sport and Recreational Alliance.

English Karate Council Address:

PO Box 3


CH43 6UU

07931 545924

A membership form can be downloaded in doc format HERE or in pdf format HERE

Email: admin@englishkaratecouncil.com

Our Mission

“To champion the benefits of Karate to people

of all ages and abilities and to lead its development”

Our vision

Through excellent leadership and strong governance to be the governing body to which all English Karate groups will want to belong

Our values

The values behind our work:

EKC National Championships 2016

This date had been identified in members’ diaries for the 2nd EKC National Championships. However, due to the unification of English Karate now in progress it was decided at the last EKC Board meeting to defer the championships until early next year.

Hopefully at that time it will be possible to hold a unified karate National Championships open to all members of the new unified Governing Body.